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Experts in Pharmacist-Led Services

We at Prescribing Support Solutions are a dynamic company who specialises in providing GPs/PCNs with highly skilled pharmacists.

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How We Work

Supporting You with Our Bespoke Solutions

We work closely with you to offer pharmacist-led solutions to successfully alleviate the difficulties faced by GPs/PCNs.

Make the most of your ARRS funding by recruiting an expert Prescribing Support Solutions pharmacist who will add huge value to your team.

Our Aim

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A key IIF target this financial year is improving access to general practice. Improving access to general practice is one of the most significant challenges facing primary care in England, with challenges accessing GP appointments recognised as one of the reasons for public dissatisfaction with the NHS.

Our expert pharmacists at Prescribing Support Solutions can provide more patient access via increased appointments, relieving the huge pressure on GP surgeries, and subsequently enhancing patient satisfaction.

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Our Solutions

Locum Remote Working Pharmacists

Locum In-House Pharmacists

Salaried Permanent Pharmacists

Benefits of recruiting an expert Prescribing Support Solutions pharmacist:

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The locum pharmacists are fully managed and supported by Prescribing Support Solutions, saving the surgery hassle and time.

We value professionalism as one of our core values.

With a large database of pharmacists, a full IT infrastructure set up, and pharmacists with a wealth of experience, we are perfectly placed to deploy our team at your request.

Short on desk space? Our remote pharmacists will be available virtually.

Is medication queries and medication reviews taking up your GP appointment slots? How about directing them to our pharmacists instead, freeing up GP time.

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Contact our friendly team to find out how we can support you with our services.